Product Retirement Reminder: Analog Microwave Intrusion Detection Sensors

Reminder: Southwest Microwave analog sensors are available for purchase until December 31, 2022. On this date, we will retire our full range of analog volumetric sensors. While repair services will continue through 2027, replacement parts will be unavailable once inventory is depleted.

We encourage you to plan in advance to ensure adequate inventory of spare parts and to consider your “Path to Upgrade” options for our newer digital sensor models.

Contact us for a consultation and customized system proposal unique to your business needs at no cost or obligation.

Southwest Microwave has introduced a broad range of digital and IP-based POE microwave intrusion detection links as new-generation alternatives to our analog sensors. These digital solutions feature advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to optimize detection of intrusion attempts while preventing nuisance alarms.

These digital devices have the same fit, form and function as the analog sensors they replace with additional performance benefits.


User-friendly software setup simplifies sensor configuration alignment and testing.

Fresnel algorithms minimize nuisance alarms by suppressing outer field disturbances caused by fence vibration or vehicle traffic.

Path Alignment Alarm provides early warning alert when the RF pattern is compromised by foreign objects such as accumulating snow or parked vehicles.
Analog SensorDigital Sensor Replacement
Model 300BModel 334
Model 300B-33257 (Hi-Rel)Model 334-33465 (Hi-Rel)
Model 316 (Analog)Model 316
Model 310BModel 336
Model 310B-33259 (Hi-Rel)Model 336-33464 (Hi-Rel)


Our Technical Sales Team can support you in upgrading your current analog microwave sensors to digital technologies. We encourage you to contact us for a customized system proposal for your consideration or visit our Path to Upgrade webpage to learn more and watch an informational webcast.

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