Southwest Microwave Introduces Hybrid Microwave Transceivers for Flexible, Reliable Perimeter Protection

Southwest Microwave Model 395 Transceiver
Southwest Microwave Model 390 Transceiver

June 29, 2022—Tempe, Arizona, USA—Southwest Microwave, a global leader in high-performance outdoor perimeter security technologies, launched two advanced digital K-band microwave transceivers with hybrid power and communication options to provide reliable three-dimensional protection in outdoor environments while assuring deployment simplicity.

Flexible Communication and Power Options

The INTREPID™ Model 390 K-Band Advanced Digital Microwave Transceiver, with an intrusion detection range of 15 to 61 meters, and the INTREPID™ Model 395 K-Band Advanced Digital Microwave Transceiver, with a range of 30 to 122 meters, are the latest additions to the company’s INTREPIDTM intelligent perimeter intrusion detection suite. To address unique site infrastructure requirements, these flexible security sensors can seamlessly integrate with TCP/IP networks via a single Ethernet connection for communications and Power-over-Ethernet (POE) while also supporting Form-C relay outputs for alarm monitoring and 10.5-60 VDC power.

Ideal for Interference-Prone Environments

Operating at K-band frequency, the transceivers are ideal for airport, marine, and other environments where outside interference from airport landing systems, aircraft or marine radar, and other microwave intrusion systems are deployed. The sensors effectively discriminate between intrusion attempts and environmental disturbances, reducing risk of site compromise while preventing nuisance alarms. The transceivers also feature heavy-duty components and EMI/RFI shielding for maximum protection against physical tampering and harsh environmental conditions.

Easy Set Up and Deployment

The sensor is configured, aligned and tested using an embedded browser-based Installation Setup Tool (IST), eliminating the need for software installation and simplifying device administration. Operators can monitor and control system status, detection parameters and alarm information from an authorized PC or mobile device, facilitating remote troubleshooting and diagnostics.

“Southwest Microwave understands the varying security needs of our customers. These hybrid transceivers offer power and communications options that adapt to sites with differing network infrastructure,” said Maira Zanrosso, Southwest Microwave’s Director of Sales. “While these sensors remain a proven solution for applications utilizing traditional relay communication or power wiring, their IP-capabilities enable simplified deployment and maintenance, greater system design flexibility and reduced installation costs.” 

Nuisance Alarms Prevention Capabilities

Like previous Southwest Microwave K-band monostatic transceivers, Model 390 and Model 395 feature a patented Range Cutoff (RCO) circuit to reject targets beyond a preselected range. This reduces the likelihood of nuisance alarms caused by harmless moving objects outside the RCO distance, such as metal fences, vehicles, trees, trains or aircraft. The sensors also have a patented Zero-Range Suppression (ZRS) circuit to reduce the amplitude of close-range targets, preventing nuisance alarms caused by rain, vibration, birds and
windblown objects.

“These unique performance features, coupled with advanced Digital Signal Processing algorithms, equip the sensors to deliver a high probability of detection (Pd) and extremely low nuisance alarm rate for the effective
protection of security-sensitive sites,” said Zanrosso.

Alarm Monitoring Options

Alarm monitoring options include Southwest Microwave’s relay-based INTREPID CM-POE-S system controller or GUI-based Perimeter Security Manager software. The transceivers also seamlessly integrate with today’s leading physical security information management or video management systems, and a no-cost SDK simplifies integration development for third-party platforms without current high-level interface to these products.

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