Southwest Microwave is pleased to offer this technical training video library as a complement to our factory training program. Featuring Southwest Microwave employees, these videos demonstrate proper servicing and maintenance procedures for optimum system performance. For technical documents, please visit the Documentation page. You may also subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on our video library.

Unrolling and Preparing INTREPID™ MicroPoint™ Cable

Learn the proper installation techniques, including how to unroll the cable and prepare the sense wires to detect vibration.

Stripping, Landing and Greasing the MicroPoint™ Cable

Close-up views of the mounting process, including how to prepare and land the MicroPoint cable on circuit boards prior to installation.

Calibrating the INTREPID™ MicroPoint™ Cable

Master the MicroPoint™ cable calibration process, which involves performing a calibration walk and using the software tool.

Using the Cut Simulator Tool to Test INTREPID™ Sensor Cable

Performance testing of INTREPID™ cable using the Cut Simulator Tool to simulate an intrusion.    

Calibration and testing for optimal performance of our fence detection system on rigid fence fabric.

Repairing MicroPoint Cable in the field is quick and easy. Learn how a damaged cable can be repaired within minutes using a few hand tools.

Achieve the greatest microwave sensor alignment signal with the lowest sensitivity setting for optimal performance.