Bosch Security Technology Forum 2022 Invitation

Visit Southwest Microwave at the Security Technology Forum 2022 powered by Bosch in Crystal City, Arlington, VA on October 25-26, 2022 to learn why hundreds of government, military, and industrial sites worldwide rely on Southwest Microwave outdoor fence, buried cable and microwave intrusion detection technologies to protect critical infrastructure, assets and personnel.

Our team is well-versed in the design of optimal perimeter fortification systems for new installations, site upgrades and expansions at government, military, and industrial sites, along with integration to third-party alarm monitoring systems, CCTV and other perimeter security technologies.

You don’t want to miss the featured presentation A Layered Perimeter Approach: Layering Technologies for a Complete Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) on Wednesday, October 26 starting at 10:30 am. Jeff Drews of Southwest Microwave and John Wekenborg of Bosch Security and Saftey Systems will discuss how the use of multiple, layered, and integrated technologies can create a more secure perimeter.

Register for a free pass if you haven’t registered for Security Security Central and would like to attend the event.

Should you wish to schedule a meeting to discuss your perimeter security project requirements or learn more about our range of field-proven detection systems, feel free to contact us in the coming days.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Jeff Drews
Sr. Sales Manager – Federal / Military / Nuclear Systems at Southwest Microwave, Inc.
(480) 763-3757
LinkedIn Email

Amy Leslie
East Regional Sales Manager – Utilities, Industrial, Transportation, Corrections

(480) 399-5412 
LinkedIn | Email
This unique technology reliably discriminates between intrusion attacks and harmless fence noise, preventing the nuisance alarms that plague other sensors.
  • Precise detection of cut or climb attempts to within 1m while ignoring harmless environmental disturbances, such as wind, rain or vehicle traffic
  • Patented Sensitivity Leveling calibration process delivers uniform detection sensitivity, regardless of variations in fence fabric or tension
  • Set detection zones in system software anywhere along the fence line, minimizing hardware costs and maximizing system design flexibility

Our IP/POE-based volumetric microwave links (X-band Model 334-POE-S and K-band Model 336-POE-S) are ideal for the protection of open areas, gates, entryways and rooftops. These sensors offer unsurpassed detection capabilities, and:

  • Suppress outer field disturbances caused by fence vibration or vehicle traffic, minimizing nuisance alarms
  • Provide early warning alert when detection pattern is compromised by foreign objects such as accumulating snow or parked vehicles
  • Protect sensor electronics against electromagnetic or RF interference with integrated EMI / RFI shielding


Discover Our New Model 390 and Model 395 Transceivers

Offering both Power-over-Ethernet and DC wiring options, these highly-adaptable detection solutions provide several unique performance benefits:

  • Prevent alarms caused by moving objects beyond a pre-selected range
  • Ignore harmless environmental disturbances caused by close-range objects
  • Flexible alarm monitoring options via Form C relays, INTREPID POE controller or third-party HLI

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