Flexibility, Precise Detection, Convenient Setup are Focus at ISC West


Precise location of intrusion attempts while ignoring harmless environmental disturbances to minimize nuisance alarms

IP-based sensors reduce infrastructure requirements and enable seamless integration, optimizing performance and lowering overall project cost

INTREPID MicroPoint POE-S Fence Detection

Rigid fencing is now commonly used at high-security sites. While reliably detecting intrusions on this fence material can be a challenge with most sensors in the marketplace, MicroPoint’s unique calibration process, precise detection and incremental tuning capabilities make it ideal for this application.

Digital Microwave Links and Transceivers

We will also feature  IP/POE-based volumetric microwave links (X-band Model 334-POE-S)  and transceivers (Model 390 and Model 395), ideal for the protection of open areas, gates, entryways and rooftops. These sensors offer unsurpassed detection capabilities.

Integration with Complementary Security Solutions

See a live demonstration of MicroPoint along rigid and chain-link fencing. Southwest Microwave will also showcase the application of our INTREPID MicroPoint POE-S detection system with tie-in to cameras and several of today’s leading video management systems for real-time visual assessment.

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